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1. Only flush with the ground Bronze markers are used in the cemetery. Fraternal and religious symbols are permitted if they are a part of the marker.
2. Only one marker per individual with the exception of Veterans who are permitted a second VA marker.
3. All markers will be installed by cemetery personnel. Outside vendors are not permitted to install markers, vases or scrolls.
4. All markers will be installed using a non-exposed foundation supplied by the cemetery.
5. The marker with foundation combination will be installed on a tamped sand or gravel base.
6. Markers will be installed at the top and bottom of graves (accommodates mowing lanes). The orientation of the markers’ text will read inward to the interned remains.


Annual Schedule

1. Only human remains can be interred. Animals are not permitted.
2. Within the special sections of the cemetery (Cremation and Baby Land Lots areas), a grave can contain only one interment.
3. Within the Full Sized Lot areas of the cemetery, a grave can contain multiple interments as long as each remains are identified on a memorial marker. There is a maximum of one full body interment per grave. The identification of remains on the memorial markers will dictate the number of remains interred into a grave.
4. All remains will be protected with a vault.
5. Full body vaults will be provided by outside vendors. Specially made cremation vaults will be supplied by the cemetery and included as a part of the Interment/Cemetery Maintenance fee.
6. The top of a full body vault will be 20 to 24 inches below ground level. The top of a cremation vaults will be 8 to 12 inches below ground level.  The depth specifications have been established to provide adequate clearances to enable multiple interments.
7. Prior to interment, the cemetery requires a signed “Interment Approval Form” from the funeral home or family.  This form instructs the cemetery on where the remains are to be interred.  This form will be attached and filed with the “Lot Card”.
8. Placement of remains within a grave will follow the tradition of the male being on the left the female on the right as they face the marker unless specifically modified by the funeral home or family on the “Interment Approval Form”. 

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1. Floral decorations, wreaths & vesper lights: Vesper lights, fresh-cut and artificial flowers in vases are permitted from Easter until Thanksgiving. Winter wreaths are permitted during the winter months. When vases are not in use, they must be stored in their in-ground holders. Potted and in-ground plants, glassware, balloons, spinners, hats, shepherds hooks and other ornaments are not permitted. Vases are the responsibility of owners. When empty, they must be returned to their holders and kept free of debris. Forest Lawn Memorial Park is not responsible for lost or damaged vases. Dead flowers, unauthorized and out-of-season decorations will be removed by grounds’ personnel.
2. There are to be no fences, hedges, plants, plastic edging, stones, bricks, mulch, pottery, glass or deep trenches around markers. Marker maintenance is the responsibility of owners.



For the mutual protection of the lot owners as well as the cemetery property, the Board of Trustees adopted the following rules and regulations over the years with the desire to preserve the classic beauty of the cemetery. These regulations are long standing and not new.  Our intent is not make your grieving process more difficult but we need your cooperation in abiding by the cemetery rules.