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Products and Service

 Marker Cleaning & Restoration

The finish on a marker can last 40 or more years if properly maintained. To maximize the life of the finish the marker should be cleaned and protected at least once a year if not more. The cemetery offers a cleaning service for those who are unable.  Routine cleaning greatly extends the life of the finish.

In time all finishes will wear. At first the finish will dull and then turn a blue-green color as the copper in the bronze oxidizes. To get the marker in a like new condition we offer a refinishing service. This involves sand blasting off the old finish, repainting, highlighting and clear coating the marker. It is a multi-day effort; but when complete, they look like a new marker.     

 Ancestral  information

Cemetery records are a primary source of ancestral information. One of the most important responsibilities of a  cemetery is to  maintain accurate records. Forest Lawn is now using a Cemetery Management  system for records management. There is  an imaging feature in the system where  obituaries, photos, documents, etc. can be scanned and stored with burial records allowing the family to document the life of the deceased and be a repository ancestral information. This free service greatly expands the amount of information that is normally recorded and preserved. All we require is for the family to provide the documents. Presently 85 years of manual records are being scanned and loaded into the system.

 Markers & Vases

The cemetery sells Matthews’ “diamond finished” memorial markers and vases. They offer the highest quality markers on the market.  If you want a product that will last we suggest you purchase a Matthews marker.  We are happy to work with families who are local and out of town, in person or over the phone. To help with design and selection process we use Matthews' online design tool. This software provides the client with an actual picture of the marker being ordered.  We are competitively priced. We strive to provide our lot owners with low pricing.  In the event you find a lower price, bring it to our attention, and we will "price match" using a comparable marker.

Markers can be pre-purchased using Matthews' ECOP program. A marker can be selected, purchased at today’s prices and stored until needed.    

Preparation and Planning

We are here to do everything we can to help you plan and arrange a funeral. To put your needs and desires at the forefront. Provide you with information about funeral choices, options, models and ways to manage costs. Preparation and planning are key to reducing the stress a family faces when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Arrangements and purchases can be made in advance. Grave and markers can be purchased to help alleviate what the family needs to address during difficult times. We are there to help you with interment options, grave selection, markers design and the planning of a service in our chapel.  

 Flowers, Winter Wreaths & Vesper Lights

For your convenience the cemetery has a program where seasonal flowers, winter wreathes and vesper lights can be purchased and the cemetery will place them at the grave site.  Our supplier provides us with professionally designed products. They are a top quality product and will look good throughout their season.  Marker cleaning, flower and wreath services allow non-resident families to ensure that their family graves are well maintained.

Chapel Rentals

Forest Lawn chapel provides a comfortable convenient space for the full funeral service or simple committal service. The Gothic old world stone chapel with its beautiful oak carvings, stained glass windows and iron work, seats 140, is heated in winter, contains a handicapped restroom, and an organ for music.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park is an association of lot owners.  It operates in its owner's interest providing  products and services to address their needs. We are there for information, options and guidance for both area residents and non-residents whether you choose burial or cremation. Our goal is to be straightforward and open with pricing on all products and services; offering convenience, quality and value.

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